Large software implementation and upgrade projects are the nightmare of many corporate boardrooms. Choosing among the many available vendors is difficult because industry sales teams are experts at promising whatever it takes to get the contract while leaving the details of implementation up to others. Decisions regarding off the shelf vs. custom systems, internal misunderstanding about the need for a business process overhaul and entrenched resistance to change all create friction among the CEO, CFO, CIO, vendors, consultants and users.

Costs can escalate as scope creep takes over and the capabilities of the new system are modified to accommodate current rather than optimal procedures. The result is that another project runs into red ink and IT gets another black eye. Industry reports show that cost overruns of $1 million, $10 million, even $100 million, are the reality of attempting to change mission critical software and systems.

The team at Fusion understands this as has developed an industry recognized implementation method to ensure on-time delivery of its application. With decades of experience we have learned valuable lessons over the years and integrate them into our processes to ensure you, the customer are happy.