The team at Fusion Software is qualified to look at a wide array of business problems and can help you investigate the proper way to solve them. Whether you are looking at adding a marketing program from existing information or you are looking to implement an advanced shipping program to enhance customer satisfaction, we have the talent that is ready to help you today.


With over 15 years of company experience, and hundreds of years of personal experience on the team we understand the importance of a strong implementation partner. Whether you are looking for someone to support you locally or you simply need a strong partner to deliver a piece of your business, the team at Fusion can help you.

Custom Development

With a dynamic product set as our foundation, sometimes a customer needs something that is considered “Out of the Box”. The team at Fusion welcomes the idea of augmenting their product set and creating a new application all together. If you need something that requires more, contact us today.


Point Solutions provides a wide variety of sales and services for both retail and warehouse hardware. Point has teamed up with partners that spans North America in delivering and servicing hardware. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide.