Integrated Warehouse Management

FusionWMS for Acumatica simplifies, streamlines and enhances Acumatica’s “out of the box” processes. Its intuitive user interface allows direct access to Acumatica functionality from anywhere there is
an Internet connection without logging into Acumatica – no duplicate database, no syncing of
data. Flexible hardware requirements include virtually any Windows CE device. “Out of the
box” functionality includes:


    •  Receiving When receiving items at the warehouse, store, or distribution center, it is imperative to have a quick and accurate count. POs can be looked up on the handheld device with items and quantities immediately verified, eliminating potential errors. Once processed, printing inventory labels can be managed from the handheld with FusionWMS automatically discerning which labels and the quantity of labels to be printed. Finally, if configured to do so, the receiver will automatically post into Acumatica. Click here to view video.
    • Directed Put Away FusionWMS assumes that all receipts arrive at an inbound staging bin. This allows for inspection, labeling, cross-dock, etc. From this location, items can be inspected and put away via the bin move functionality. Click here to view video.
    • License Plate and Bin Management FusionWMS accurately tracks items to temporary or permanent bins. Temporary bins or containers minimize the potential for lost inventory during put-away moves or shipping. Scan the bin, scan the item, and the item now resides in the designated bin.
    • Serial and Lot Traceability All the serial and lot traceability available in Acumatica is available in FusionWMS either via the desktop or handheld device. Click here to view video.
    • Picking & Shipping Pick lists are created in Acumatica. Whether for Sales Orders (single or multiple) or Transfer Orders (single or multiple), FusionWMS can pick the pick list via handheld or by hand. Also, multiple pickers can manage one pick list. Confirming the pick is as easy as selecting a button on the handheld.Shipping can be done per the individual order or per pick list. Using Fusion container management, items can be picked or packed to a container for easy reference when shipping. Click here to view video.
    • Physical Count FusionWMS includes all the functionality of Acumatica, plus it extends this functionality to remote locations with an Internet connection. The Fusion Physical Count module allows you to quickly and accurately take physical counts across multiple warehouses, bins, and lots. When you use Fusion Physical Count and an RF or Batch handheld computer, you can audit your inventory counts quickly and easily at any time instead of waiting for the dreaded yearly count. This module will make your employees accountable and empower you to make changes to help your company eliminate lost and misplaced items.
    • Barcode Printing With FusionWMS you can print bar code labels for your existing inventory, increasing efficiency. Print any number of labels at any time of virtually any size. Simply select a single item or range of items from your inventory master file, enter the number of labels you want printed (either choose a fixed quantity or let the printing module print labels based off of your current on-hand quantity), and click the PRINT button. It really is that easy!