Furniture and Appliance

Retail Furniture Software
Hard Goods retailers needing retail furniture software face unique conditions due to the nature of their products. Among these are the following:

  • Multi-step sales processing, quote, follow-up, sale, delivery
  • 3rd party financing
  • Layaways with instructions
  • Carry out with delivery or pick up on the same ticket
  • Serialized inventory
  • Add-on sales for fabric coat, warranty, etc.
  • Customer and clerk must go to inventory rather than bring inventory to the register
  • Special group pricing i.e. bedroom suites, etc.


Fusion Gives You More

Fusion POS is uniquely positioned to handle all the requirements noted above and many more for your retail furniture and appliance POS software needs. Our ability to generate a ERP sales order and simultaneously shipping only those items which are carried out, allows the end user to leverage the distribution functionality of the ERP. Go beyond the typical solution and utilize Fusion’s intuitive screens and powerful tools, has just the functions you need to keep your business on track. Fusion POS is also designed to easily search for items by part #, SKU, description, department and more, while giving you the ability to adjust what you see. With the touch of a finger Fusion POS Retail Furniture Software can be easily operated by any cashier. If you would like to find out more about how to use Fusion POS as your Retail Furniture Software, please contact us today.