FusionPOS for MYOB Advanced

POS with the brains and brawn to match MYOB.

Build business muscle with this pair.

FusionPOS for MYOB Advanced simplifies and optimizes your operations, financials, and marketing to create a lean, mean retail machine.

The Cloud POS that’s so strong, it doesn’t need the Cloud.

Cloud-based ERPs rock. Except when they don’t. FusionPOS, however, is always fully operational, so sales and transactions can continue even when the Internet is down, slow, or spotty. It’s all automatically posted to MYOB as soon as the connection is restored.

No-sweat speed and efficiency boost.

Beautifully integrated and incredibly user-friendly, this point-of-sale system lets you:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry – All items, customers, and pricing data in MYOB Advanced are automatically shared with FusionPOS™ and vice versa.
  • Create smarter marketing campaigns – Store more customer transaction history data with the multiple CRM levels of FusionPOS without pushing MYOB to its limit.
  • Save time on staff training and commission calculations.
  • Rest assured that your pricing is consistent at all store locations.

Maximize your company fitness.

Not only does FusionPOS for MYOB Advanced simplify complex orders and fulfillments, it gives you the power to:

  • Customize loyalty programs, vendor-based specials, BOGO, rentals, and promotions.
  • Sell and honor smart gift cards with real-time maintenance and web-based balance availability.
  • Simplify scheduling, appointments, and restaurant register transactions requiring additional material or labor.
  • “Roll up” cash and/or marketing customers in high-volume environments or promotional periods for location- or product-specific reporting.
  • Speed up layaway, fulfillment, and other one-to-one integration for accounting customers.

Bolster your flexibility.

Get the keyboard and/or touchscreen registers you need, where you need them:

  • Fusion CR™ integrates seamlessly with MYOB Advanced inventory – Just add an item to MYOB, and it’s instantly available at your registers.
  • Dramatically extend the reach of MYOB Advanced with AR integration, credit and accounting status approvals, partial payments, layaway transactions, and much more.
  • Go mobile and get all the functionality of the FusionCSR™ on HP® Elite tablet – Place orders, invoice, accept credit cards, scan, and more.
  • Carryout, pickup, shipping, and installing orders are no problem with FusionPOS for MYOB Advanced’s intuitive fulfillment interface.

Just do it.

Get your own customized demonstration of FusionPOS for MYOB Advanced. Give us a call at 214-420-5144 today, or schedule a demo using the form at top right.

Download Product Sheet – FusionPOS for MYOB Advanced