FusionPOS for Acumatica

Check out the handsome POS system Acumatica’s been waiting for.

A business match made in heaven.

Sometimes you just know. Put the power and user-simplicity of FusionRMS together with Acumatica, and it’s love at first sight.

FusionPOS™ is a full-feature point-of-sale solution that lets you optimize Acumatica cloud ERP and accounting for centralized management in highly distributed retail environments.

Together in sweet harmony.

FusionPOS™ is uniquely perfect for Acumatica. It’s also fully customizable to your retail environment, size, and CRM style. It does it all without losing any functionality of standalone retail solutions. Let us count the ways:

  • Saves you time – No more time wasted manually entering data twice. Now all of your items, customers, and pricing data in Acumatica are automatically shared with FusionPOS™, and all of your transactions flow to Acumatica with data levels you set.
  • Keeps your customers buying – Never make your customers wait again for a spotty Internet connection. FusionPOS™ lets you conduct business as usual and updates everything when the connection returns.
  • Gives you all the CRM data you want – FusionPOS™ maintains individual customer histories, so Acumatica doesn’t have to. That means you can collect and access all the buying pattern data you need for highly effective, focused marketing.
  • Keeps your inventory accurate – Unlike many POS systems, FusionPOS™ lets you post phantom derivatives of ERP items to be converted back to the stocking unit of measure.

All that and a bag of chips.

As if good looks and function weren’t enough, FusionRMS lets you enhance your point of sale with powerful, industry-specific apps:

  • Easy, flexible pricing– Fusion Pricing lets you set bundled prices; BOGO; merchandising promos; vendor-based specials, and other specific, non-standard retail pricing that’s beyond the scope of conventional ERP systems.
  • Extraordinary gift cards – FusionGC prepayment card can be used and added to or from multiple locations. Balances are online and maintained in real-time.
  • Ingenious salon and restaurant scheduling – Great for field service too, Fusion Scheduler lets you easily assign prices to any task or resource. These can be converted automatically to register transactions, where you can also add extra items.

So sophisticated, your staff won’t even notice it.

Both keyboard- and/or touchscreen-compatible, Fusion Register is intuitive for your staff and entirely customizable to your needs. It can handle multiple customer types (cash, accounting, or marketing) within one system and can determine, on a line-by-line basis, the fulfillment methodology for an order and different register types to handle different requirements.

Registers that let managers focus on customers.

All of Fusion’s cash registers, whether keyboard or touchscreen, sales, mobile, or customer service, require minimal training and integrate seamlessly with Acumatica inventory, flowing transactions, item pricing, and availability automatically. Add an item to Acumatica, and it is immediately available at the register. Purchasing, financial reporting, and cash management are performed within the system.

Let’s set the date.

We’d love to show you how FusionPOS for Acumatica can make your retail operation run better and simpler. Schedule a demo using the form at top right, or call 214-420-5144 today.

Download Product Sheet – FusionPOS for Acumatica